How do I report an image or video?

It’s important for us to keep the Airtime community fun, but also safe. If you see something that violates our Community Guidelines, please report it to our team. We really appreciate the help! 

To report content to our team:

  • Press and hold the item you’d like to report and select “Flag + Hide” to generate a report.
  • Tell us why you’re flagging the content. Please be clear and concise, so we can evaluate the case fully.
  • That’s it! You’ve submitted your report. Thank you for looking out for the safety of the Airtime community.

Blocking a User

If you don’t care for all of the content that is being posted by a particular user, you can block that specific user. Blocking a user will hide their video and other Room content from your view, prevent them from mentioning you, prevent them from searching for you, and prevent them from creating a 1-on-1 room with you. They will not be notified that you have blocked them.

To block a user:

  • In a Room, tap and hold the user’s avatar at the top of the Room and select the green Profile icon.
  • From the user’s Profile, tap the three dots (...) in the upper right corner.
  • Tap “Block This Person.”
  • You’re all set.

Still have a question? Contact our Community team.