How do I check out music and videos together with my friends?


Enjoy videos, songs and more together with your friends on Airtime. Share and present a video, song, GIF or even a live stream. Play your favorite Twitch stream to talk about the best moments of the game together with your crew. Watch a TED talk with coworkers to get inspired. 

To watch or listen to something together:

  • Tap the media icon in the bottom left of a Room.
  • Tap the logo icon to find your favorite content from... 

    • Twitch
    • YouTube
    • Spotify
    • GIPHY (GIFs!)
    • SoundCloud (iOS only)
    • YouTube Live (iOS only)
    • Vimeo (iOS only)
    • VEVO (iOS only)
    • iHeartRadio (iOS only)
    • TED (iOS only)
  • The option you've picked will open up right there inside the app! Tap the search option to find the content you love or log in to your own account to share your own favorites and uploads.
  • Post it to share it with the Room.
  • Tap the posted item to present it to everybody in the Room on the Stage. 
  • Have fun with your gang!


To stop presenting to a Room:

  • Tap the presented item.
  • Tap the red stop sign “x” to stop presenting it to everyone on the Stage.